Whales FOMO into Ethereum! (Crypto Bulls Stampede)

Today we will be discussing the Consumer Price Index bringing $50 Billion back into the crypto market with a favorable CPI data release. Next, we’ll talk about the upcoming Ethereum Merge test for the Ropsten testnet and the new Beacon chain and last, we’ll talk about the exchange Hotbit freezing all users accounts and assets indefinitely.

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Altcoin Daily:
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Tim Warren:
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Johnny Hopper:

Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht
[https://gregoriofranco.bandcamp.com/](https://gregoriofranco.bandcamp.com/ “‌”)

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Is Facebook the Next Big Thing?

In the past, many people have wondered whether the Metaverse can be the next big thing. But the truth is that it can. In fact, the idea of metaverse gaming isn’t all that new, and the concept has been around for a while. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says it’s time big companies take the metaverse seriously. He’s invested in both Decentraland and The Sandbox, and is now a majority shareholder of the former.

The technology behind the Metaverse has many benefits. The blockchain supports the currency of the virtual world and secures digital assets. It also incentivizes users to conduct commerce and trade. The Internet of Things makes the network connection possible, while 3D innovation improves user experiences by creating more realistic interfaces and immersive gaming experiences. The most obvious choice for a virtual currency is cryptocurrency. It is accepted globally and decentralized. And many metaverse platforms are based on blockchain networks.

Facebook is one of the biggest companies interested in Metaverse. It owns virtual reality headset maker Oculus and has signaled a major hiring drive for its unit. Zuckerberg has called Metaverse the next-generation internet. He wants Facebook to become a Metaverse company in the future. The company has been talking about the transition for several months. This article aims to give you some insight into the evolution of the Metaverse and its potential for the future.

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