We’ve Been Nailing The Bear Market

When Bitcoin actually reaches $100K people are going to get pretty quiet.

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Facebook and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a place that will always exist, populated by avatars and NFTs. Often, cryptography is involved to allow for a digital economy and the representation of legitimate ownership. In our modern era, the Metaverse is largely composed of video games, including Roblox and Fortnite. Sometimes, it requires VR goggles.

It is largely used in online games, but it is also a promising new medium for other purposes. For example, social networks can be built into games, and people can make friends with AI avatars. Metaverse gamers can also engage in profitable activities like buying and selling items for cryptocurrency. Ultimately, this type of system could change the way we work and play.

Facebook is one of the most prominent companies to get involved in the Metaverse, as it aims to provide a social platform for gamers. The company’s recent acquisition of game developer Studio Worlds exemplifies the company’s commitment to the emerging industry. Besides acquiring the game developer, Microsoft also plans to build a conferencing tool called Teams, which could help create a virtual workspace for employees.

The Metaverse will be accessible from mobile devices, desktop computers, game consoles, and virtual reality glasses or headsets. This technology will make it possible for millions of people to work, learn, and play together. Already, several companies are operating in the virtual space, including Epic Games, which recently announced a $1 billion funding round.

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