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A widely followed analyst and trader says that the crypto market could copy its 2018 playbook.

β€œ2022 could very well look like 2018 given the amount of time we could chop around for. I do think that the market is more mature these days than before, though. Overall market structure for trading is better + dexes [decentralized exchanges] + NFTs [non-fungible tokens] + gaming + new usable chains.”

Something like this would make sense for me; more people getting bullish on the bearish retest of $35,000 – $40,000 and then price nuking lower.”

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What Is a Metaverse and How Can You Use It to Your Benefit?

As a techie, you’ve probably heard of the concept of a metaverse before. But what is it? And how do you use it to your benefit? The metaverse can be a powerful tool to make life easier for many people. A virtual reality (VR) environment allows people to collaborate in a shared environment without the need to leave the room they’re in. This new technology could revolutionize how we work, live, and play.

Blockchain-based applications are the backbone of the metaverse, where users can own a piece of virtual land. They can earn money playing games and earning virtual currency. Popular metaverses include Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and SecondLive. The latter two are Ethereum-based. In the former, players can earn Axies (NFTs), non-fungible tokens that serve as the game currency. Axies are made from more than 500 parts of the human body. They can breed seven times and sell their offspring on the platform.

A metaverse allows users to hop between platforms, making it possible to purchase a Burberry shirt on one platform and take your avatar in a new drip to another. In another platform, you can invite a friend for a pizza delivery or to hang out in a virtual house. The concept of a metaverse combines blockchain, virtual reality (VR), AR, and Web 3.0. Ultimately, a metaverse allows people to sell and create goods, services, and money.

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