Top Crypto YouTuber Boldly Predicts $500k Bitcoin and $3 Dogecoin by This Date! – Ep. 1036

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Matt Wallace, a well-known crypto influencer, predicts we could see Bitcoin at over $500k and Dogecoin (DOGE) over $3 by the end of 2024.

“We are barely beginning to scratch the surface of crypto adoption,” says Wallace. “Crypto solves so many problems that its meteoric rise is inevitable! BTC is the best store of value, and Dogecoin is the most popular currency in the crypto space. Together they will dominate the world economy. $500,000 Bitcoin isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable. As BTC rises, Dogecoin will have a clear path to well over $3,” Matt told TechBullion.

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Facebook Expanding Into the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is growing in popularity. It is regulated by the Axie Infinity Shards. Players can earn these shards by breeding Axies, participating in matches, or winning tournaments. They can also use these shards to vote on community treasury funds. Many major companies are already marketing their products through this platform. These companies are looking to expand into the Metaverse market.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement has ignited interest in the concept. He explains that it will allow people to connect with other people on a multidimensional level. This allows people to work, communicate, shop, and learn new things in a virtual environment. This concept could lead to a major transformation in the future of technology. However, before the Metaverse can come to fruition, companies will need to establish the infrastructure and develop the design.

Facebook’s recent announcement outlines a number of different ways that it plans to make money through the Metaverse. The company plans to launch its own VR hardware called Cambria and update its Spark AR technology. It’s also implementing NFTs, or non-traditional tokens, into the metaverse. This technology is vital to the development of a metaverse because it establishes digital ownership of items in the metaverse. In fact, many people believe that NFTs are the key to accessing the metaverse, and Facebook’s Metaverse will create new business opportunities through the use of NFTs.

Zuckerberg emphasized the power of the Metaverse in facilitating a vastly larger creative economy. He noted that “a new metaverse platform will accelerate the development of fundamental technologies, social platforms, and creative tools.”

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