The closely tracked crypto strategist who accurately called the Bitcoin May 2021 crash says he could see BTC rising exponentially in the coming years.

Dave the Wave tells his 118,000 Twitter followers that based on his logarithmic growth curve (LGC) model, Bitcoin could potentially witness an increase of over 1,100% over the next four years.

β€œWho’s to say we don’t get something like this? The main idea at play in this chart is the multi-year trendline, cutting through the LGC, functions as a *mean* of price.”

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The Future of Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse

A recent report by Citi GPS predicts that there will be 5 billion users of the metaverse by 2030. Despite this optimistic outlook, there are many potential drawbacks to the metaverse. These drawbacks include regulatory uncertainty, money laundering, counterfeit NFTs, trading scams, and volatility of most cryptocurrencies. While big firms may be able to invest in the metaverse, smaller startups are limited by their resources and lack the trust and privacy that large firms enjoy.

One drawback to metaverse is the difficulty of obtaining photorealistic avatars. Despite this, they will likely improve over time. However, remote rendering will require extensive telecoms around the world, which could cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Ultimately, however, the metaverse is expected to be more accessible than ever. And since it isn’t limited to gamers, it could be used to provide an entirely new platform for collaborative gaming and work.

Tokens can be issued to help with monetization. Tokens can be non-fungible and can be used as an ownership stake in hour sessions. Cinemas can issue tokens for movie viewing sessions. Tokens can also serve as passes for events or even another planet. These services are likely to increase in popularity as the metaverse grows. Its impact is far-reaching and exciting. With the help of Tokens, the metaverse can be explored in a whole new way.

Blockchain technology has also played a role in creating the metaverse. Blockchain technology allows users to create objects and worlds without the need for centralized infrastructure. For example, the blockchain-based Decentraland game was developed using Ethereum, and users can own land by purchasing a non-fungible land token. This means that the platform is decentralized and does not regulate people’s behavior. The platform has a social network, and even an economy based on cryptocurrency, called crypto.

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