Popular crypto analyst and the host of InvestAnswers is envisioning three possible price points for Bitcoin in the year 2030 ranging from $576K to $1.55 million per BTC.

By combining all three Bitcoin price targets, the host finds an average “expected” target of $785,955 forBTC, with $576,389 being the ‘bear-case’ low end of the range and $1.55 million being the most optimistic forecast for the king cryptocurrency.

“The adoption of Bitcoin is faster than that of the internet, and that of mobile phones right now. Therefore, due to Metcalfe’s Law, this is completely believable.”

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Facebook’s Metaverse Becomes Mainstream With Animoca Brands

When Neal Stephenson introduced the term “metaverse” in 1992, he was referring to 3D virtual worlds. However, the concept has since grown with the rise of augmented reality, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency. It was the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline that brought virtual reality into the mainstream, and Facebook recently acquired the virtual reality hardware and platform Oculus. While these technologies are extremely cool, there are some drawbacks.

One of the most unique aspects of Metaverse is that it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports the creation of decentralized marketplaces. Enjin, for example, allows enterprises to create decentralized NFT marketplaces and trade them in the real world. Metaverse users can also build any kind of marketplace, from a virtual storefront to a virtual marketplace. And because it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s incredibly easy to develop and maintain.

The metaverse has already raised over $810 million from multiple investors, including a metaverse VC specialist in New York. Other notable investors include Liberty City Ventures, Winkelvoss Capital, Soros Fund Management, and Boyu Capital. In January alone, Animoca Brands raised $360 million and is valued at $5 billion. In all, the Metaverse has gotten mainstream with a new wave of entrepreneurs and investors.

The concept of a metaverse has come into being as the result of Microsoft’s recent announcement that it’s going to create its own virtual world. Teams users will be able to visit these virtual spaces as early as 2022. The metaverse could be a combination of software and hardware, data centers, and blockchain technology. In the meantime, VR boxing classes will no longer be limited to video games; virtual fitness and gym classes could replace Pelotons.

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