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Cyberocracy: Information As Power

Cyberocracy: Information As Power – Cyberocracy Rulership Is Coming? Ruling with Information! According to futurology – the way that we are headed IS Cyberocracy. The effective use of information to essentially rule as ‘Alternative Responsible Government’.

Democracy Built Over 1000 Years. A Rogue Parliament, Corruption, Foreign Influence Destroyed This

The loss that we have seen is quite profound. It’s not Brexit although this has to be delivered, it was democracy, democracy is a staple of British political diet. That to have cavalierly dis-guarded this fundamental basis of our heritage, have done irreparable damage to Great Britain’s worldwide standing. I don’t mean countries are in shock, I mean countries are wondering why they are constantly lectured to about democracy, why Cuba, Zimbabwe, etc are belittled the way they are for ignoring their people. The UK has done just that! Compounded by what appears electoral fraud in Peterborough. Have we indeed opened the door to despots to oppress their public from all corners of the world.

The Indian National Anthem Was Really a Paen to King George

The National Anthem of written by ” Guruji” Ravindranath Tagore was, in reality, a Paen to the King of England. Later Tagore changed his tune after 25 years and claimed it was for n The Indian National Anthem ” Jana Gana Mana” is sung everyday. I am afraid very few know that this anthem has a history and its not very nice.

Join Noble Centered Leaders Working for Compassion Peace and the Good of All Humanity

We’re facing an international crisis of epic proportions. Conflict, racism, hate, war and disaster are displacing more people whether refugee or citizen than at any time in human history. The FISH Foundation Global Nation believes that this is an issue that demands action NOW (No Opportunity Wasted).

Champ Turns Chump With Trump

America was respected as great before con artist Donald Trump duped gullible Americans into believing they needed him to make life superb. Two years later, the country is a global laughingstock known for cruelty to immigrants, children allies and the environment. The American people can help each other to oust Trump by boldly pointing out the absurdity of the lies he uses to keep his base enthused for him.

Moscow Towers Over Trump

US President Donald Trump defies US intelligence warnings that Russian Vladimir Putin is a threat to American democracy. Trump is known to aggressively pursue what he wants. He desperately wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow way before he ran for President. A construction project was signed in 2005 and Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2016. The project was put on ice with the election of Trump. The Trump presidency just could be an elaborate scheme between Trump and Putin to get Trump the tower he wants and Putin to get his opportunity to dominate the world starting with the US.

White Hot in the Melting Pot

The world’s melting pot is boiling over with rage. This is a microcosm of a 2019 worldwide phenomenon. Minorities are increasing in numbers, strength and influence. Privileged whites are threatened with losing status and they react in line with the outworn principle that might makes right The conflict can end in progress for humanity as a whole just as did the American Civil War regardless of enormous new challenges that arose in its wake…

Master Con Don

Trump may be a master con man with a dedicated following but he is no religious or cult leader. He can be defeated as he has been repeatedly throughout his life by a careful exposure of his scamming tactics.

Do Your Homework, Dems

Democrats want to unseat Trump. They need a broader view of America in a global world. Trump is destroying relations and are uninformed about Obama & immigration.

How Turmeric Is Measuring Up In Western Science

Turmeric has been in the fore front of ancient medicine in cultures from Asia, India, Africa and in the middle east for thousands of years. After an extensive study to how this spice has been used we decided to look into how cucumin looks in the western scientific community.

The Fat Skinny Bitch!

In 1976, I went on a world tour and chose to take with me a minimum of clothes which I packed into my luggage so, anything I needed I would buy overseas. On the last phase of my journey, I departed from a city in Italy and went by hovercraft to Dover, England to meet up with a coach tour which headed towards London. I was booked in for a two-week stay at a hotel, and towards the end of my visit, I had to find other accommodation.

Jewish Smart Sperm

Undetectable in an Ashkenazim Jews sperm there lies a substance that helps a Jew climb high in social and financial status. One day that unique substance will be discovered with a benefit to all humankind.

Terrorism Won’t Stop While Religions Dominate Societies

Australians are possibly as free in their country as anyone in the world and yet many continue to tie themselves to religious hokus pokus based on lies, ancient beliefs, and false gods. The New Testament was compiled and scribed by Jerome, the ‘doctor’ of the Catholic Church. Based on the invention of Jesus Christ by Constantine, identified as 666 in Revelation 13:12-18, he used torture and terrorism and the Vatican continued the practice.

Why Roman Emperor Constantine Is 666

Speculations about the man who bears this number are wide and include things like that of the Pope, based on his title. Following my reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit of the Universe many visions were given to me during a time of great learning. One such vision was while dressing one morning when the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 appeared in large black letters before my eyes.

Anxiety Over Brexit – Deeper Issues

British people have been expressing unease about the state of their country. One possible reason may be that nothing much else is happening in politics because of anxiety over Brexit. The prospect of economic recession is reducing confidence among many about their future prospects.

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