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The cryptocurrency analyst who predicted the May 2021 market collapse is warning that Bitcoin could be due for a notable dip even while he remains long-term bullish on BTC.

As the recent rally that began early this month fizzles out, the pseudonymous analyst eyes $25,000 as a potential bottom for Bitcoin.

β€œIF we get a Bitcoin move down comparable to the previous two, looking at the 25K region.”

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Virtual worlds that are resembling metaverses have been around almost as long as their fictional counterparts. It’s no surprise that some of the earliest hype pieces were about a marriage between the two. But this type of virtual world will soon become a mainstream phenomenon with more than a few uses. Second Life is a popular example of this phenomenon, an online multimedia platform that blends social networking and virtual reality in a fun and engaging way.

Facebook rebranded as Meta last year. While Facebook isn’t the first social network to implement a metaverse, its latest initiative is likely to set the stage for the next phase of the web. The new digital frontier is expected to create trillions of dollars in value. It could eventually become the gateway for most digital experiences and a vital component of our physical lives. As such, it’s possible that metaverse could be the next great labor platform.

Sandbox is one of the most prolific metaverse VC firms, having closed 24 metaverse deals in the last nine quarters. Sandbox has made 200 deals in total, and has a track record of successfully onboarding billions onto the blockchain. While it’s hard to predict exactly where the Metaverse market will go, the company has already raised more than $600 million. Animoca Brands has a $5 billion valuation, a staggering achievement.

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