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The Paths Toward War

With tensions mounting the world today is a tinder box where at any moment a spark of threatening rhetoric could ignite the flames of destruction that would engulf the world. The rhetoric coming from Trump has made it clear that our President is hell bent on provoking retaliatory responses from North Korea. Today, there is no justification to the antagonistic approach that our infamous President is forging.

Will Fire and Fury Threats Work Against North Korea?

Time is running out for the United States to do something about the threat that North Korea poses. It appears to be a tipping ground for world stability, but then again we haven’t had that for some time. When rogue nations can escape punishment for things like shooting down a passenger jet one has to ask what is the world coming to.

What Price for The Next War?

It’s inevitable, the only question is when will the next war start? When I was young my mum frequently said “man will invent and invent to his own destruction.” There is no telling where she got that from but it certainly is coming true judging by recent events.

The Conflicts Waged In The Name Of War

History is an invaluable tool. For it tells us of the mistakes made in the past so as to not repeat those same mistakes. Yet, our leaders have continually failed to head the lessons that history is supposed to teach us.

Stopping Illegal Migration Australian Style

While the USA President, Donald Trump, puts bans on legal travellers from certain regions entering the country Australia is focused on stopping people smugglers. The boats were arriving with unprecedented regularity and many victims drowned at sea as the unseaworthy vessels sank beneath them. Those who made it have cost the government a fortune by handing out essentials and housing them.

Is the Earth Too Far Gone for People to Worry About It?

The answer to that question is probably yes? The weather patterns alone are proving it. While the earth is warming everything is thrown out of sync.

Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing an Immigration Consultant

Everyone has a dream of going abroad at some point of time in his life. Be it of any generation, a college going student or a middle aged man. Everyone wants to make that drastic change in their lives so that they can keep aside all that has happened in the past and start afresh.

Why Young Men Starved of Sexual Pleasure Are Encouraged to Die to Obtain It

It’s not for a female to get inside the mind of a young man starved of sexual pleasure once his body hits puberty, but there are studies to go on. Nature takes him on a journey of requiring a mate to satisfy his urges. Testosterone is a driving force for procreation purposes.

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) Visit to Bronx, New York

Bronx, New York-During their July 15, 2017 visit, four delegates of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) were swamped with questions. Alaigbo development foundation is a major organization that leads the charge for economic and social justice on behalf of the Igbos, a major ethnic tribe in Nigeria. Seated along one side of the table at the center of a large room, from right to left, were: Professor Nath Aniekwu, the Secretary of ADF; Professor T. U. Nwala, the President; Doctor D. Ikedife, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; and Mazi S. Ohuabunwa, Chairman of the Committee on Investment and Development.

Hell On Earth and Looming Destruction

The forces at work in the world are devastating it. One has only to look beyond our personal lives to see what they are. This is an exercise in reality that starts with one’s perception of who and what we are and takes into account what each of us must become in order to succeed.

The Burden Placed Over the World By the One Called 666

The planet is in crisis from every angle. There are diseases out of control along with the burden of financial turmoil and massive unemployment. Climate change and loss of species are adding to the confusion about what the world faces.

The Assyrian Who Captured Everyone and Held Them to His Will

The majority don’t know who he is. While he is called the Assyrian few would believe that he has any bearing on the modern world. Anyone who thinks that is sadly mistaken.

The Wise Men Are Becoming Fools and the World Order Is Falling

A discussion on the radio this morning addressed the issue of men in the work-force and how many are unemployed and giving up. Their role as providers and the strength of communities is fast being overridden by modern technology, such as robots, and women who are high achievers. It is understandable that those who have an issue with their ego are in a state of confusion about where they now stand.

Who Is the Assyrian That God Promised to Tread Underfoot on the Mountain?

Before this prophesy can be understood the identity of the Assyrian has to be revealed. He is mentioned in several places in the bible, mostly in the Old Testament prophecies and the Book of Revelation. So who is he and why was his work covered up for so long?

The Plan of God Is Laid Out in Prophecies

Not many would agree with this claim because they do not see or know the Spirit of the Universe as their God. They are confused by the myths, mysteries, and magic presented to them by religions. Brain-washed into believing in man’s rubbish about heaven and hell they have matched their dreams of eternal life to the fiction that dominates them.

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