No Such Thing As Decentralization | BitBoy Crypto

Trace it back all the way to Satoshi – there is no decentralization. In this interview with #metamoney, see what Ben has to say about the truth regarding decentralization in crypto.

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Is Facebook a Threat to the Metaverse?

If you are interested in the latest blockchain technology, you’ve probably heard about the Metaverse. This is the market where virtual goods are traded in place of physical ones. The market is expected to reach $21.7 trillion by 2030, according to one estimate. Facebook has pledged to build the metaverse responsibly, while highlighting its focus on privacy and open collaboration with external firms. But some in the crypto community remain skeptical. Cryptocurrency expert Yat Siu has dubbed Facebook as a potential threat to the metaverse.

The term “metaverse” derives from a combination of the prefix “meta” and “universe,” and refers to a shared virtual world. Its users can purchase avatars, buildings, and land with crypto. People can also buy and sell goods and services within this virtual world, and even organize events. However, it is not clear what the Metaverse will ultimately look like. For now, the concept remains an enticing and intriguing prospect.

Citi GPS estimates that the number of users in the metaverse will increase to five billion by 2030. However, the company warned that there are several dark sides to the metaverse, such as the high volatility of most cryptocurrencies and the risk of money laundering. However, it notes that “big companies” have several advantages over startups: they have the budget to invest in the Metaverse, and they’ve already established a reputation and trust in the space.

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