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What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that ties together multiple digital platforms and merges with the physical world. It’s immersive and persistent, always-on and accessible to users in real time.

It’s as big and diverse as the physical world, with a variety of different experiences for users to share in a single place. It’s a massively scaled, interoperable network that lets people “carry” their digital assets from one platform to another, allowing them to interact with people across platforms in the same virtual space.

This enables users to collaborate on projects as if they were in the same physical space, making real-time Zoom meetings closer than ever. It also increases teleworker camaraderie, improves collaboration and speeds up training for employees.

There are a number of crypto-based metaverse games that allow users to earn and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These include Illuvium, a role-playing game where players capture deity-like creatures called “Illuvials” and battle them to win ETH and other digital assets.

Some of these NFTs can be traded on exchanges for a range of currencies, including ETH. Others are speculative, like items to personalise your avatar or neighbourhood in the metaverse — think clothing, poses and park benches.

The technology is still in its early stages, but it’s set to change the way people communicate and interact online. With its ability to connect people from around the world in an always-on, synchronous and three-dimensional environment, the metaverse is sure to bring about many new ways for us to live our lives.

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