Most Profitable Large Cap Altcoin (Polkadot’s NEW Roadmap)

Binance Deals:
If you’re looking for a popular, smart contract platform with huge potential, look no further than Polkadot. With its new roadmap and changes on the horizon, this is one crypto asset definitely worth looking into. In this video, I break down what exactly Polkadot does and why it has more potential than most coins.

0:00 Intro
1:20 Polkadot Background
2:11 How it Works
3:20 Layer 0
4:23 Purpose of DOT
5:41 Polkadot Updates
6:37 Future Gains
8:13 Polkadot’s Vision

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Facebook and Crypto-Asset Protocols Are Building a Metaverse

In order to create a community built Metaverse, incentivization will be key. Facebook and other crypto-asset protocols are building the infrastructure necessary for this. Facebook already exists in the virtual world, and your posts can reveal a lot about you. In the same way, Facebook believes that the Metaverse will be the next generation of social media. To make it successful globally, play-to-earn schemes will be crucial.

For now, we can see the first signs of a metaverse in small-scale video games. The popular game Fortnite, for example, is already home to a virtual concert by rap artist Travis Scott. In addition to live music, the game is also home to numerous other content centers. A future version of the game will include a planet devoted to meditation and self-actualization.

Many big tech companies have poured billions of dollars into investing in metaverse. By 2021, sales of digital real estate will surpass $500 million, but that amount is still a small percentage compared to the total number of sales of physical real estate. However, the potential for long-term growth is enough to convince individuals and companies to invest in this virtual real estate. Investors hope that the metaverse will offer them a way to profit, whether through rent payments or virtual scarcity.

Facebook’s Metaverse concept is already changing how we socialize, work, shop, and play. This virtual world offers us a whole new realm of possibilities and gives us the freedom to be exactly who we want to be. We can socialize, work, shop, learn about new ideas, and even travel. And this all happens without the hassles and expenses of traveling.

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