I debated making this video or not. But if this is in fact true, this changes EVERYTHING we know about XRP, Ripple, and the SEC. Crypto is wild

Microsoft and Facebook Building a Metaverse

Microsoft is building a metaverse. Teams users will be able to visit virtual spaces as early as 2022. The metaverse will be a mix of hardware and software, as well as blockchain technology. Microsoft is not alone in the development of this virtual world. Facebook isn’t the only company looking into the future of business communications. It’s also partnering with several top game companies and has already acquired several successful franchises including Fallout, Halo and The Elder Scrolls.

According to Citi GPS, the metaverse will have five billion users by 2030. While the market is exploding with potential users, it’s important to note that the crypto market still has many dark sides, including regulatory uncertainty, money laundering, counterfeit NFTs, and trading scams. However, large companies and corporations are more likely to be able to overcome these issues and have budgets to invest in the future of the metaverse. In addition to their size and expertise, these firms already have established business relationships with crypto-currencies, so they have the advantage of trust and data privacy.

Microsoft has also invested in metaverse research. The company’s Mesh for Microsoft Teams application allows users to create avatars and collaborate in a 3D holographic environment. With Holoportation, users can access this digital world with a virtual reality headset. Ultimately, this could revolutionize business processes, improve productivity and increase profitability. The future of business could depend on this technology. Microsoft and Facebook are also working on this technology. And in this case, it is not just the tech giants who are looking into the future of virtual reality.

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