Metaverse Creators Must Be Mindful of the Future (Society WILL Improve with Web3)

The intent of the internet was not for its current use. Web3 and the utilization of blockchain has the opportunity to right those wrongs. Join me as I sit down with Justin of @Meta Money to discuss this effect of the new internet on society, especially when it comes to children and the venerable.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Society in the Metaverse
2:44 People in the Metaverse
4:33 Media and Tragedy
8:04 Mental Illness and Bullying with Web3
9:52 Safeguards for Children
14:23 Outro

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Facebook, Microsoft, and Google Are All Buying Real Estate in the Metaverse

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are all acquiring real estate in the virtual world known as Metaverse. The underlying technology of the virtual world is blockchain technology, which is allowing individuals to create and own digital assets, such as cryptocurrency and virtual currency. The future of the metaverse is very promising, and many industries are already adopting this technology to engage with consumers and share information. Though the exact definition of Metaverse has not been released yet, it will consist of a shared virtual world that users will access via the internet. Each user will have their own avatar, a digital identity that they will use to interact with others.

Facebook has received some criticism in the past for its practices regarding privacy, security, fake news, and hate speech. The company has pledged to build a responsible metaverse and emphasizes open collaboration with external firms and privacy. However, some people in the crypto community do not trust Facebook’s commitment to privacy and security, and consider the company’s involvement in the metaverse to be an escapade from their own efforts to improve its reputation.

As the metaverse evolves, so must small businesses. They should be prepared for this new digital world by identifying their niche and deciding on the best technology to implement. For example, updating the logo and using new images can help. However, there are also some simple steps a small business can take to prepare for the metaverse. You can create a new website or update your current website to use metaverse technology. In the future, your customers will be in the virtual world and will be looking for your products and services.

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