The Metaverse may never truly be decentralized, but a DAO could serve as a close second. This week’s Saturday morning video with the @Meta Money guys, is all about the direction of the Metaverse, and hopefully how we think META will not play a role in the future. Plus, did BitBoy create the Bitcoin logo?

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The Metaverse

A new type of virtual reality is emerging in the form of the metaverse, a place where users can interact with one another. Users can engage in virtual worlds through mobile devices, desktop computers, game consoles, and even virtual reality glasses, wristbands, and headsets. Many companies are already making their presence felt in this virtual world. The sportswear giant Nike has filed for digital trademarks on its main logos and is creating its own virtual world in the form of Nikeland on the Roblox platform.

A virtual world similar to the one we know as the internet is a potential metaverse. It could become a place where users can buy and sell virtual goods. The metaverse might also be interoperable, allowing users to move from one platform to the next. In the real world, you could wear the same clothing from the mall to the movie theater. However, most virtual identities are tied to a single platform. A metaverse could enable people to create personas, or avatars, and take them from one social network to another.

According to Matthew Ball, a venture capitalist and a renowned expert in virtual worlds, the metaverse is the fourth wave of computing and has been used in several applications. A basic form of the metaverse already exists in games. In Fortnite, for example, players interact with other players’ avatars to earn virtual currency. The same is true of other games. The metaverse is also used in online shooter games. Players can use their digital glasses to interact with other avatars in the game and exchange virtual currency.

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