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Quoting Bitcoin Maximalist Max Keiser in a recent Crypto Twitter post:

“The Kabuki theatre of Fed “tightening” coming to a close. You can’t taper a Ponzi. Inflation about to pump MUCH HIGHER. $220,000 Bitcoin still in play.”


follow all of these or else it’s back to McDonalds:
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Big Tech and the Metaverse

Several big tech firms have invested billions in the metaverse. The idea is to create a virtual world that will be accessible to everyone. It’s a fusion of VR and Web 2.0, with software and hardware.

The idea is that millions of people will be able to interact with one another, work, relax, and even socialize. The metaverse will be accessible through virtual reality headsets, desktop computers, and game consoles.

The metaverse will also be accessible via mobile devices. The technology will allow people to communicate with one another, access virtual properties, and buy virtual art.

Metaverse technology includes cryptography and language processing. This technology enables the creation of unique tokens, which can be used in certain metaverse environments. Those tokens can then be exchanged for other currencies.

Some people worry about the possibility of a big-tech metaverse. While many are excited about the potential for the metaverse, some worry that the technology could fall apart.

It’s important to understand how the metaverse will function. Some have warned that the technology could cause people to lose touch with real-world family and friends. This could lead to a new form of internet addiction.

There are several metaverses currently available, including The Sandbox, Second Live, and Decentraland. Several bigger firms have already marketed their products on these platforms.

Decentraland, for example, is one of the most popular metaverses. It has already created a community and has potential for growth.

There are also several smaller metaverses. Some of these include SecondLive, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

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