Make HUGE Profits Leverage Trading Bitcoin (Easiest Tutorial to Short Bitcoin)

Frankie Candles guest hosts and teaches us about “shorting” Crypto on the Crypto market.

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The Future of Gaming is in the Metaverse

Blockchain-based gaming platforms such as the Metaverse offer a whole new way to work from home. In these virtual worlds, users can buy land, customize their clothes, and play to earn money. Some popular metaverses include SecondLive, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity. These gaming environments are powered by the Ethereum blockchain and feature non-fungible tokens, called Axies. Axies are made up of more than 500 body parts and can be bred seven times. Offspring can be sold on the Metaverse.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced innovation in the metaverse space, including the creation of a new mixed-reality device. This new platform will allow gamers to collaborate between their devices, such as virtual reality headsets and VR glasses. In other news, Nike is preparing for the metaverse, and has filed for digital trademarks for its main logos. Additionally, Nike is developing a sports game called Nikeland on the Roblox platform.

To enter the metaverse, users use a device, such as a Google Cardboard, to enter a virtual world. The device can capture voice and geospatial data, allowing the user to experience the virtual world. Metaverse users are represented by 3D avatars that are similar to real people, such as those they can see and hear. Soon, gamers can use their touch and senses to interact with these avatars. The Metaverse is a futuristic environment where people can participate in any physical or digital environment and feel anything from anywhere.

Microsoft is already preparing for a future in which it can host its own virtual worlds. Its latest announcement shows that Teams users can visit virtual worlds as early as 2022. It’s worth noting that Microsoft heavily invests in its Office 365 and Azure cloud platforms. A key milestone in its plans for the Metaverse is the launch of its mixed-reality device, called the HoloLens. The HoloLens is an early example of a metaverse.

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