Liquidity Has To Come From Somewhere

In this video, Ben chats with the guys from Meta Money about the value of the GMT token and GST token from STEPN. Where does liquidity come from? This is always a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about the sustainability of a project! Check out the full interview on our main channel.

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Facebook, Oculus, and Other Companies Expanding Their Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world that allows people to jump from one platform to another. You can buy a Burberry shirt on one platform, take your avatar to another platform in a new drip, and even invite other people to hang out with you in the metaverse. Ultimately, this system combines the best features of blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and Web 3.0. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

The potential for Meta to change the social media landscape is enormous. According to a recent study by Citi GPS, there will be 5 billion users of the metaverse by 2030. But the company also noted the downsides of the metaverse: high volatility, regulatory uncertainty, money laundering, and counterfeit NFTs. Big companies can invest more in the Metaverse, and they have the budget and trust in the industry to build an infrastructure and secure a decentralized ecosystem.

Facebook’s plan to expand its metaverse will enable the sale of limited edition digital objects. Facebook is an owner of virtual reality headset maker Oculus, and has recently signaled a hiring spree for the unit. It will require constant confirmation of ownership. NFT enables unique token creation. In addition, it will also allow for transparency of transactions in the blockchain. Each token will carry metadata about its owner. This metadata is a crucial aspect of the metaverse.

Other companies are getting into the metaverse. Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Epic Games have all announced plans to explore the metaverse. In addition to Metaverse VC firm Liberty City Ventures in New York, the company has signed deals with Winkelvoss Capital, Boyu Capital, and Soros Fund Management. And Gucci has even collaborated with online game creation system Roblox, selling NFTs and digital accessories. Coca-Cola is also getting into the metaverse.

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