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A new report from Kraken Intelligence uses the Bitcoin 200-week moving average as a crystal ball, to project the future price of the king crypto.

Specifically, Kraken looks at the multiples that BTC has traded at relative to its 200-week moving average in the past.

If Bitcoin once again climbs to a 10x to 15x multiple of its 200-week moving average, which Kraken analysts say is in the historical range, this would imply a future price range of $214,985 to $322,478.

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The Future of the Metaverse

Despite the growing popularity of the virtual world, the future of the Metaverse is uncertain. According to one study, 5 billion people will be using it by 2030, putting it on the front burner for global financial policy. Despite the growth in popularity, there are some dark sides to the Metaverse. These include money laundering, counterfeit NFTs, trading scams, and a high level of volatility in most cryptocurrencies. While small companies and individuals will eventually use it, the biggest firms will likely benefit from having budgets to invest in the project, and the fact that they already have a high level of trust and data privacy in place.

One of the most popular companies experimenting with the concept of a digital world is Facebook. In a recent earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to his company as “Metaverse” rather than “social media.” He also rebranded the company as “Meta Platforms” to reflect the new name. While Zuckerberg has only recently begun using the term publicly, he believes that the metaverse is the next step in modern technology.

Microsoft has already begun experimenting with the idea of building its own metaverse. Microsoft Teams users will be able to visit virtual spaces as early as 2022. The company is combining software and hardware as well as blockchain technology to make this vision a reality. This will help users interact with colleagues as they work in the real world. If successful, Microsoft could use metaverse to create a virtual workplace that works in tandem with its mission to bring people closer together.

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