Kevin O’Leary Knows SBF’s Playbook!

Isn’t it interesting that Kevin O’Leary also owns a centralized exchange? “BitBuy” based in Canada. With Kevin coming to SBF’s defense along with the bad track record Kevin has now been exposed for, we can’t let him turn around and run the same playbook that Sam wrote.
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Facebook Invests $10 Billion in the Metaverse

Previously known as Facebook, the social networking site recently changed its name to Meta. The new name is a play on the word Metaverse. It is a virtual world where people can interact, create, and communicate with others.

Facebook believes that Metaverse will be the next big step in technology. The company has also announced plans to invest $10 billion in the Metaverse this year. It will do this through a mixture of hardware and software.

The social networking site plans to use AR and VR technologies to create a digital space. The virtual space will be populated by avatars and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are virtual representations of ownership. NFTs are used to distribute revenue earned on the platform.

Cryptocurrency technology allows users to secure and move their assets across platforms. These assets can be traded for real world value and used to purchase virtual land. These assets can also be used for passes to events or closed clubs.

The company plans to use a “play to earn” model. This means that entrepreneurs will build and market services and products on the Metaverse. They will also need to monetize these services effectively.

The crypto market has gotten a lot of attention lately. Some of the biggest cryptocurrencies have fallen to new lows. The narrative that has been used to explain crypto is not very realistic. However, a lot of people in Silicon Valley believe that the Metaverse will be the next big step in modern technology.

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