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What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual reality experience that spans the entire spectrum of digital technologies, creating new ways to connect with friends and family, work, shop, play, learn and create. The concept is gaining momentum as major tech giants begin to race for the future of the internet.

Crypto, NFT, Game

The Metaverse will be the next step in the evolution of gaming and will allow players to interact with one another in a new way. In this environment, gamers will be able to exchange their virtual items for cryptocurrency on dedicated platforms.

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Using NFTs, gaming in the metaverse will be able to leverage blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. This will help create a new kind of immersive experience that is highly realistic.

Second Life, Fortnite and Minecraft are a few examples of games that are already integrating NFTs into their platforms. These companies are trying to make NFTs more mainstream and give the in-game economies real-world value.

Social Game

NFT-powered multiplayer games are the newest trend in the metaverse, where players can communicate with friends, interact with other users and establish connections. They can also purchase NFTs that allow them to use their avatars or weapons in other games.


The Upland system allows players to earn UPX, a new currency that can be collected every three hours and used to buy and sell properties in the Metaverse. The currency can be boosted by placing these properties in various collections, each of which has different rarities that determine its one-time bonus and earnings boost.

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