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Bitcoin is at the bottom & the next crypto bull cycle will begin November 2023, according to top crypto analyst Trader_Jibon.

β€œLocal Bottom is Very Close. We might see big rally around 40K. Then BTC can dump to 25-20K before the Bull Run Starts.”

Another view the top cryptocurrency analyst shared:

β€œBTC will Confirm the Bottom in September-October 2022. I’m not expecting a Big Crash. But I don’t expect Bull Market before 2024. We might see Sideway Market until 2024. Then Bull Market 2024-25.”

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Facebook Joins the Metaverse

When Facebook announced its decision to join the metaverse, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg recognized its potential to unlock a vastly greater creative economy. He also noted that Meta would be crucial in accelerating the development of fundamental technologies. The company aims to weave metaverse technologies into social media apps. Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of the future of Facebook’s stock. Despite its importance, Facebook’s stock will trade under MVRS, and the company is committed to participating in the metaverse.

Although the tech behind the metaverse is emerging, many critics are wary. Some questioned the demand for a metaverse expansion, pointing to the lack of traction in the industry and the failure of VR to meet hype and revenue expectations. Others worry about privacy and health implications. In any case, Zuckerberg’s recent video provides a clear picture of the future of virtual reality, albeit minus the cryptography. However, there are many advantages.

As more people become accustomed to digital communication, the Metaverse has the potential to transform the workplace. Employees will be able to interact with virtual screens and form their own virtual spaces. Managers can read body language and retain in-person interaction, while employees can use digital technology to collaborate and communicate. The Metaverse can even help solve workplace problems such as goldbrick and time theft. If you’ve ever wanted to meet a celebrity, you can do so in the Metaverse.

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