INSANE aftermath of the #ETH merge 👀… #crypto #shorts

Demand for ETH is HIGH since the merge. It’s now been five months since the merge. We would’ve added approximate 1.68 million Ethereum instead. Because we’re on proof of stake, there’s -9726.
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The Metaverse – The Next Generation of the Internet

Metaverse – the next generation of the internet

The internet is a network of billions of computers and other electronic devices that allow people to communicate with each other and access information. The Metaverse is a similar but much larger network of virtual worlds that allow people to have immersive, interactive experiences.

Tech giants have made massive investments in the Metaverse to drive innovation and create a new platform for commerce, education, entertainment and real estate. The technology enables people to go virtually anywhere and interact with anyone, anytime.

The tech is based on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which allows users to merge the physical and digital worlds in an experience that mimics the real one. AR and VR require three core components for success: connectivity, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D object rendering.

AI is a major component of the Metaverse because it helps automate the process of detecting and classifying data to help users identify the content they want, whether it’s an object, a video or a person. It’s also important for enabling self-supervised speech recognition, robotic interactions, computer vision and whole-body posture estimation.

Cryptocurrencies are another major part of the Metaverse because they enable users to exchange value and tokenize their assets in a safe environment. These can be used to buy virtual goods and services, as well as pay for goods in the real world and make transactions with other users.

Games are another key part of the Metaverse because they let users create and share content that can be used by others. Some of the biggest players are creating their own metaverse games, including Roblox and Facebook.

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