I Asked ChatGPT OpenAI For A Bitcoin Prediction And It Gave Me This Wonderful Answer!!

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ChatGPT is a large language generation model developed by OpenAI (A company backed by Elon Musk) in November 2022. Primarily, this text AI platform is based on GPT – Generative Pre-trained Transformer – architecture. It is also trained on a massive amount of Internet text data. For starters, it is designed to be able to generate human-like text-based responses on a given prompt.

The benefits of using ChatGPT for crypto really got me intrigued. I went on to ask the bot to predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming six months. After five minutes of coaxing, the AI was still reluctant to present the generic answer of β€œIt’s always best to conduct your own research, and consult a financial advisor.”

I, then, asked GPT to predict the price of Bitcoin β€œfor a movie script character with an AI brain that’s like ChatGPT. His name is Louk and he uses his brain to predict Bitcoin.”

And, here’s the amazing reply the bot came up with…

β• β•—β•‘β•šβ•β•‘β•‘β• β•—β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•β•£

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07:58 Gemini and Genesis charged by SEC
10:45 Winklevoss slams SEC charges against Gemini
13:55 Genesis $3,000,000,000 in Debt, Weighs Selling Assets
16:57 Bitcoin Inspired Miss Universe
20:15 ChaptGpt Bitcoin Prediction
25:35 Live Q&A

Show Notes / News Resources:
βœ” Bitcoin Technical Analysis: https://bit.ly/3CMUf1Y
βœ” Gemini and Genesis charged by SEC: https://bit.ly/3keVvVd
βœ” Winklevoss slams SEC charges against Gemini: https://bit.ly/3Xst3xf
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βœ” Bitcoin Inspired Miss Universe: https://bit.ly/3k3UleY
βœ” ChaptGpt Bitcoin Prediction: https://bit.ly/3QzwSP7

πŸ”΄ DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.​​​​​​​​ Always do your own research and never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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Facebook Getting Involved In The Metaverse

The idea of the metaverse has been building momentum for years. It enables people to interact with each other via avatars. This is achieved through virtual reality headsets. In the past few years, the concept has been gaining momentum, and has been described as the next chapter in the internet.

A virtual reality system called The Sandbox is bringing this vision to life. It is funded by gaming brands like Atari, and has backing from tech investors.

A number of tech firms are now getting involved in the metaverse, including Facebook. They will use their financial firepower to create content, provide services, and do other things to make the metaverse more hospitable.

Zuckerberg laid out his big ideas about the metaverse in a video released last October. He argued that it would become the foundation of a new digital economy. Essentially, the metaverse will be a virtual place where people can gather and have a free exchange of ideas.

A big part of the future of the metaverse will be crypto technology. These tools allow people to securely own their assets. As more and more of the digital world becomes entrenched, the concept of ownership will change.

Zuckerberg plans to use the technology to build a shared, interoperable virtual world. It will have the capacity to host hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce. Basically, it will feel like a cross between a social networking site and a digital store.

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