How The SWATTING Began…

We are safe, but there are some MACRO things that need changed.
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Facebook’s Metaverse – The Next Chapter of the Internet

During his announcement, Mark Zuckerberg opened up new vistas of possibility, referring to the Metaverse as the “next chapter of the internet.” But how will this technology change the way we work?

The metaverse is a persistent digital realm that is populated by avatars. These avatars allow users to freely move and interact with others. They can also be used to collect, sell, or trade virtual goods.

This is made possible through a system of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets that can be traded for other digital goods or services. For example, NFTs can be used for psychological services, passes to closed clubs, and event passes. The value of these assets can be determined by the developers of the platform.

These NFTs are important because they enable users to own and control their digital assets. These digital assets can then be turned into play-to-earn games.

In addition to enabling users to access their digital assets, the metaverse’s blockchain is also needed to protect them. The blockchain needs to confirm and secure all metaverse data. This will make it easier for users to display and sell their digital objects.

Unlike the open source metaverses that are currently available, the Facebook-led Metaverse will differ in several ways. For instance, it will incorporate NFTs and Diem, a stablecoin, to better facilitate transactions. It will also include Spark AR, a new version of the popular Facebook VR hardware. This will enable users to view their avatars and their world in three dimensions.

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