Hope For XRP Holders!!

XRP is holding relatively well in part because Ripple has not stopped building and making progress internationally even throughout the whole SEC debacle. When they win the case or get a favorable settlement, the sky is the limit in the next bull run.
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Investing in the Metaverse

Metaverse, which translates to “next”, is a hypothetical, virtual world that could be the gateway to the most digital experiences. It could also be a new way for people to work and collaborate. In its simplest form, it’s a place where people can operate their own Forever 21 stores or a virtual concert hall.

The idea of the metaverse was first conceived by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Since then, the idea has evolved through virtual reality and cryptography.

While many people assume the metaverse is a future digital frontier, it’s actually a virtual world that can be accessed by augmented or virtual reality headsets. Users create their own avatars and roam the space.

A variety of companies are working to control the metaverse, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Boeing. Several Indian investors are exploring metaverse real estate as an asset class.

One of the largest investments in the metaverse is Microsoft. It’s invested $10 billion in the virtual world.

Another big player in the metaverse is Coca-Cola. The beverage company recently sold digital tokens as a stepping stone to the metaverse.

Some of the most popular metaverse environments include Cryptovoxel, Somnium, and Decentraland. Many large brands are interested in creating experiential centers on the metaverse.

A number of tech startups are also involved in the metaverse. One of them is a company called Lepasa, which is constructing 15-20 virtual cities.

Investing in a decentralized autonomous organization is a risky venture. Ultimately, success depends on the company’s ability to monetize its platform.

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