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Seasoned hedge fund manager Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Digital says that Bitcoin will eventually replace gold, and predicts the king crypto (BTC) will hit a six-figure price tag.

Yusko says Bitcoin is on track to replace gold, largely due to its superior divisibility and portability. Based on the monetary value of gold, he sets a price target of roughly $250,000 BTC in the long run.

$5 trillion, the monetary value of gold, roughly equals $250,000 price per Bitcoin. Now, it won’t all happen tomorrow, but over time it’s going to happen. β€œ

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The Metaverse – A Hyperthetical Iteration of the Internet

Described as a “hypothetical iteration of the Internet”, the Metaverse is a persistent digital realm. It is populated by avatars. It also features virtual reality headsets and NFTs. The NFTs are used to distribute the platform’s revenue.

The market for the Metaverse is expected to be $21.7 trillion by 2030. Several large firms are marketing their products on the platform. Some of the most popular metaverses include Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and SecondLive.

Some of the key players in the Metaverse include Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands has over 600 employees and operates 14 international markets. It is also a major shareholder in NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties. It generated $530 million in income in the first nine months of 2021.

Microsoft’s vision for the Metaverse is similar to that of Facebook’s. It intends to use Metaverse apps to create new business and education experiences. These apps will be available on various devices. They will allow users to create digital worlds that meet their real world needs using avatars.

Facebook’s vision for the Metaverse is more focused on internet-based social media relationships. However, it also acknowledges that the Metaverse has great potential. It plans to invest $10 billion in the Metaverse this year. It has also launched a US Novi wallet.

The Metaverse is built upon a blockchain technology that encourages individuals to create the platform. The technology also enables virtual representations of legitimate ownership.

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