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Bitcoin bull Max Keiser is predicting the king crypto (BTC) to 20x in price to $400K per coin, and says $220K in 2022 still in play and can happen in a flash, driven by the “Bondpocalypse”.

“As the global band market melts down all it would take is for 7 – 8% of that fleeing bond money to flow into #Bitcoin to 20x BTC TO $400,000.

$220,000 in 2022 still in play, driven by the BONDPOCALYPSE.

Bitcoin is decoupling. The move to $220,000 can happen in a flash.”

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Facebook Renames Its Parent Company Meta

In an announcement during the company’s recent Facebook Connect keynote, Facebook officially renamed its parent company Meta. The company intends to use the name for its company-wide products, but will continue to use its current branding for its apps. The move signals a shift in emphasis for the company, which has been promoting the metaverse as the future of business.

The metaverse is a virtual world where users inhabit their own space and interact with others via an online avatar. This avatar allows them to freely move, talk, and take action. In addition, users can own virtual property, sell it, or exchange it for non-fungible tokens. The metaverse has many potential applications for businesses and consumers, but its potential lies in its users.

The metaverse is already attracting major companies like Boeing, which plans to use it to increase production capacity and create a digital environment for its employees to work together. Microsoft is also pursuing the concept of metaverse with their Mesh for Microsoft Teams app. This allows users to create avatars and collaborate with others in a 3D holographic environment. Holoportation, which allows users to access a digital environment using a virtual reality headset, is another potential use for the metaverse.

Using the metaverse to build a digital economy is one of the key ways to create wealth and build a better business. Many industries are embracing metaverse to create new revenue streams and enhance their value. These include gaming, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, as well as immersive virtual environments.

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