FLOKI VIKINGS REVIEW – What is FLOKI – Floki Vikings NFT Review

FLOKI VIKINGS REVIEW – What is FLOKI – Floki Vikings NFT Review
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Floki is positioned as a “people’s cryptocurrency,” The Floki Vikings community is known for its passion and social media presence. The Floki project, less than a year old, shook up the crypto world in 2021 with one of the most aggressive and widely discussed real-world marketing campaigns the young industry has ever seen.

The Floki ecosystem includes Valhalla’s money-making game, the anticipated educational platform Floki University, notable charitable donations, and utility through Defi.
In late February 2022, Floki launched an alpha version of the “Battle Arena” of its signature game Valhalla in the Optimistic Kovan testnet! The game, which can be played at https://valhalla.game, was successfully launched and received a lot of positive feedback due to its smooth graphics and impressive blockchain mechanics.

The first major release of Valhalla, which includes P2E, on-chain gameplay interactions, and updated NFTs, will be released at the end of the year. Valhalla is being worked on by an experienced team of more than 20 developers based in the Netherlands.

Valhalla is a turn-based combat game that focuses on testing your tactical abilities. In addition to using your Faith’s magical skills to inflict damage on your opponent, outsmarting them on a tactical level is a critical component in determining the battle’s outcome.

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