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COVID-19 Vaccine: Optimism Grows As Two More Candidates Enter Final Human Trials Phase!

Being optimistic is a positive sentiment, and so, there is nothing wrong in hoping for that magic cure for the Coronavirus which has displayed a range of strains, from mild to serious to fatal, making it thus an extremely dicey party to deal with…

Planet Earth Closing In On COVID-19?

Till now, there has been no proven cure for the virus, but the repurposed drugs and the improvements in healthcare infrastructure have significantly contributed towards reducing the fatality rate, enabling patients to recover in increasing numbers and containing the disease in various worst affected countries. We will discuss here some positive developments that really are pointers to a possible conquest by humankind over the killer virus…

Of Herd Immunity, Plasma Therapy, Vaccines And Drugs For COVID-19!

The virus has caused havoc on planet Earth before the humans came to understand and know much about it. Therefore, various issues concerning herd immunity, plasma therapy, development of vaccines and use of repurposed drugs are being discussed and experimented continuously all over the globe…

COVID 19: Now The ‘Doubt Virus’ Must Be Exterminated!

They desperately need to go back to the sweet normal times and live happily ever after, and therefore they jump to accept and believe fully when some motivated souls offer that ‘COVID 19 is a hoax, it’s nothing more than an annual influenza’. Thus the ‘doubt virus’ is created and the social media as always helps it spread-at times much faster than the killer virus…

America to Trump: “You’re Fired!”

It took a deadly pandemic to shake a happy-go-lucky young America from its wild fling with Donald Trump. His glib sensationalism won him an election but those same qualities proved deadly in a leader. The utter chaos of Trump’s presidential insufficiency led to a social rebellion that forced America to reckon with its very identity…

Surviving Protests, Poverty, Justice and Inequality in America 2020

This article is about some of the problems facing the United States in 2020. It suggests changes that would benefit Americans. Furthermore, it proposes that Americans enhance altruism to reinforce the original ideas of the founding fathers who were imperfect with good intentions.

India-China Faceoff: Boycott Plan Is Unrealistic!

Once upon a time there were two brothers in a village. The elder brother was of the gentle and peaceful type while the younger one was openly villainous, foul and quarrelsome. After their respective marriages, the petty quarrels became serious, and so they decided to separate-building their own houses dividing the same plot of land…

Recent Protests and Moral Justice-Where Is the Love?

I know that I am not alone in being aghast at some of the scenes that have emerged on television over the last few days. People who started off protesting about a dreadful incident in America now seem to have lost their reason and are behaving in a nihilistic way. Social media is awash with hate and vengeance, with people lashing out and demanding the destruction of anything they choose to take against.

Peculiar Life Hacks Observed in Italy and Represented in Movies

This article explains seven life hacks that are commonly identified in Italy as well as in some Italian movies. Living day by day, making do with what you have, is an excellent tactic that could potentially improve the lives of those who follow such an example. Furthermore, it’s efficient to know how to get others to get jobs done, an excellent managerial tactic. Moreover, one might relax by doing things as they have always been done while putting off anything that can wait until tomorrow. These manoeuvres remain both positive and negative, depending upon how they are utilised. Italians themselves have ridiculed these life hacks in many satirical movies. No doubt, Italians have contributed to the world through art, film, architecture, food, and more. They have a great sense of humour, love the ‘dolce vita’, and enjoy laughing at themselves!

From Rhetoric to Praxis: A Call to Global Action to End Injustice Against African Americans

A call for global solidarity and action for justice in the matter of George Floyd. A plea for solidarity with African Americans and causes like the Black Lives Matter Movement for social justice in America.

Can Italy Attract Tourism Again in 2020 After the COVID-19 Outbreak?

It is 2020, and Italians have been working well as a national team to defeat the coronavirus in hopes of saving lives and being able to open up their beautiful country to the rest of the world. The question remains whether or not tourists will be ready to return to Italy this summer. It’s not easy to get everything ready, but travel agencies, restaurateurs, coffee shop owners, and other entrepreneurs are working hard at opening Italy up with heartfelt enthusiasm.

The Pandemic Message

Life as we know it has changed drastically. Is there a reason for this pandemic?

Opening Up Italy in 2020

If you’ve been wondering what it’s going to be like when Italy opens up again on 4 May 2020, then it might be worth your time to read this short article. Italians look forward to getting back to work after a long recess. Most Italian citizens have been working together as a team to show that they care about their fellow citizens while some influencers have focused more on the economy than anything else for fear that Italy might slide into a full-blown recession.

Coronavirus – Prerequisites for Lifting Lockdown in the UK

Today we are in lockdown, and the discussion has moved on to how we are going to get out of it. Much flustered navel gazing inevitably ensues as it dawns upon the great and the good, political and scientific, that a dynamic market economy cannot be held in suspended animation forever. So where does it all go from here?

Did China’s Conspiratorial Actions Push the World Into Crisis?

The world community, no doubt, has to put up a united front to combat the coronavirus disease at this juncture. But at the same time, it must also be on guard not to let the totalitarian Chinese regime exploit the situation to establish its political, territorial and economic hegemony over the world.

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