EXORIANS – What is Exorians – How It Works – Ethernal Labs NFT Review

EXORIANS – What is Exorians – How It Works – Ethernal Labs NFT Review
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Ethernity is a revolutionary authenticated NFT project that offers authenticated and fully licensed artwork featuring top artists and stars from sports, music, film, games, technology, history, and entertainment. Each of these digital works of art is presented as a non-interchangeable token.

Ethernity is pleased to introduce Ethernal Labs, a first-of-its-kind incubator and technology studio leveraging the interactivity and utility of Web 3 technologies. The announcement follows the raising of $20 million in an initial round that included such investors as Riot Games head of creative and former League of Legends lead producer Thomas Wu, Fanatics owner Michael Rubin, Steel Perlot, Kenetic, and Black. Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Ripple, Algorand, Banter Capital, and Polygon Studios.

Ethernal Labs will serve as a one-stop shop for athletes, musicians, celebrities, and digital creators to launch their own NFTs and community tokens, providing their audiences with exciting new forms of digital interaction. Through Ethernal Labs’ offerings, fans can purchase unique collectibles and merchandise, access exclusive rewards and giveaways, and participate in a growing world of experiences in the meta-universe, all on a fully authenticated and secure blockchain platform.

Ethernal Labs is creating an ecosystem of decentralized apps to attract the world’s biggest brands, artists, and individuals to the blockchain. Through these apps, Ethernal Labs will act as a studio gateway and creative partner to bring well-known figures and brands into the NFT and meta-universe ecosystem through proven marketplaces for digital assets, real and virtual experiences, and avatar creation. The integration of the meta-universe and P2E games.

Ethernal Labs has announced the launch of The Exorians, a collection of 12,000 next-generation NFT avatars. Each avatar will give the owner access to The Exorians Universe, a new media franchise that aims to revolutionize how media is created, owned, and distributed. The Exorians community will influence the storyline of an upcoming comic book series and develop a subsequent AAA “play to earn” game.

Exorians will be Ethernal Labs’ first foray into blockchain gaming. The studio aims to create a community-oriented social and gaming experience that owners of Exorians avatars can earn while enjoying an entirely new gaming and meta-universe ecosystem.

Each of the 12,000 Exorians will play the role of a playable character in the Exorians universe, and owners will be able to influence the direction of the ecosystem collectively. Exorians avatars will begin minting on the Ethereum blockchain this summer, followed by community-oriented comics, a social meta consent, and a AAA “play to earn” game being developed under the direction of legendary game producer Thomas. Wu.
“Ethernal Labs is redefining ownership and participation for gamers and collectors through blockchain technology,” said Thomas Wu. “The Exorians universe will empower the meta-universe and play-to-play games with Web3 technology and community ownership of ecosystem development and in-game assets.”

The Exorians avatar collection and “play to earn” game is created by Ethernity, which will provide the technology and implementation of DeFi to make a powerful “play to earn” ecosystem. Ethernity is a leading authenticated NFT trading platform that produces fully licensed NFTs from the world’s biggest brands and iconic personalities, including Lionel Messi, Shaquille O’Neal, Bruce Lee, and DeLorean Motor Company. It provides its expertise in blockchain technology to all future Ethernal project labs.

“We are very excited to introduce a brand new gaming experience to the NFT and Web3 community,” said Nick Rose, founder, and CEO of Ethernal Labs and Ethernity. “Exorians is a community-oriented project whose owners will be able to influence the ecosystem and make money by playing through the implementation of DeFi.”

In the second quarter of 2022, Ethernal Labs is set to launch EyeCandy, a decentralized marketplace that builds a whole new creative economy in the blockchain ecosystem. EyeCandy will introduce an entirely new way for both traditional and digital artists to sell their unique 1-in-1 single works and create a thriving community of collectors around their work.

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Metaverse Could Be the Next Big Thing in Crypto

A blockchain-powered game called Metaverse could be just the thing to get your feet wet in the crypto world. Its underlying technology allows gamers to play for crypto tokens. Its developers have partnered with cultural icons like the Bored Ape Yacht Club to create a blockchain game. The Metaverse has already inked 139 deals with 10 of the most prestigious investment firms. These deals will allow the game to scale and attract investors.

In the meantime, developers are already creating smaller versions of a Metaverse. The popular video game Fortnite recently hosted a Travis Scott virtual concert for 12 million gamers. The Metaverse is primarily intended for gamers, but it could eventually be accessed by people who wear VR headsets. It could even allow for virtual work. And with the emergence of virtual reality, it is likely to become a major player in the gaming industry. This could be a massive opportunity for companies and individuals to build community and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

The Metaverse’s grand ambitions are a bit scary. Companies such as Facebook are already making an effort to control the world. But the crypto kids want the Metaverse to be community-built and owned. While history tells us that corporations will always win, blockchain technology may change the balance. In the end, the success of a decentralized autonomous organization will depend on the amount of commercial partnerships, platform creation, and gaming preferences. If it catches on, Metaverse could be the next big thing in the world of gaming and entertainment.

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