Ex-Hedge Fund Manager Makes Massive Eight-Figure Bitcoin Prediction for Year 2031!! – Ep. 1060

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A former hedge fund manager says that Bitcoin could be worth well into the millions of dollars by the year 2031.

According to Robert Breedlove, the deterioration of the US dollar (USD) will be the key factor in the king crypto (BTC) price explosion.

β€œI have a public prediction that the US dollar is basically hyperinflated to zero, or close to it, by the year 2035…

I’m going to stand by that prediction today. I know the DXY [US dollar index] is way up recently but I sort of expect this thing to get volatile before it breaks down. If that is the case, then I have a matching Bitcoin price prediction of $12.5 million US per Bitcoin by the year 2031.”

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Facebook and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual reality system where users inhabit their own space and interact with others using an online avatar. This allows them to have free movement, speech, and action. Users can also own virtual property and sell it or exchange it for non-fungible tokens. This technology has many applications and has already been embraced by many companies.

One of the biggest challenges in developing this system is monetizing it. To do this, developers must think about the economics of creating a virtual world for users. Entrepreneurs will have to find ways to create a sustainable business model. To monetize their services, developers can create non-fungible tokens that can be used as a means to purchase goods and services. For example, a cinema company could use a non-fungible token to charge users for movie viewing rights. Tokens can also be used as passes to events or closed clubs.

In the case of Facebook, monetizing the Metaverse is a big deal for the company. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has expressed excitement about the new technology. He said he hopes the Metaverse will become the future of the company. The company also rebranded its parent company, Facebook, to Meta, in order to better represent its commitment to the metaverse. While some of its apps will maintain their current branding, the majority will be under the Meta brand.

The company also intends to support non-fungible tokens, which have flourished on the Ethereum protocol. By implementing these types of tokens, Facebook plans to make it easier to sell limited edition digital objects. The company also owns the virtual reality headset maker Oculus and has announced a massive hiring push for the unit.

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