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Arthur Hayes, the Former CEO of Bitmex, says Ethereum can hit $10,000 despite the volatile crypto market.

On a broader spectrum, once you look at ETH’s potential for the long-term, Hayes is confident that the cryptocurrency can exponentially grow and shoot to $10,000 per ETH at the end of the year.

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Blockchain and Crypto – What is the Metaverse?

The term “metaverse” is a futuristic concept that is based on a network of 3-D virtual worlds. Through the virtual worlds, people can form social and business connections and interact with other users. Think of the metaverse as the virtual reality equivalent of today’s internet. Here are some of the ideas behind this futuristic concept:

The metaverse promises to give people an augmented reality experience that is better than the real one. However, there are concerns about the security and preservation of information in the metaverse. The same issues come up when discussing the use of blockchain and crypto in virtual worlds. In particular, we should not overlook the privacy and security of the transactions that take place on the platforms. However, before launching the project, it is essential to learn more about the technologies that are being used to support the metaverse.

The metaverse is an online world where users can own and play virtual land. Blockchain-based applications such as Decentraland let players own virtual plots and use them to earn money. Other popular metaverses are SecondLive, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland. For example, Axie Infinity is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses non-fungible tokens called ‘Axies’ to facilitate transactions. Axies can be built from over 500 body parts and can breed up to seven times. The offspring of these ‘Axies’ can then be sold on the platform.

Entrepreneurs will also be key to the growth of the metaverse. In order to succeed, entrepreneurs must develop products and services that are both useful to users and to the metaworld. To achieve this, they must find a way to monetize these services. For example, online cinemas can issue non-fungible tokens to users who purchase a specific number of sessions. Or, tokens could serve as passes to events or even other planets.

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