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Davinci Jeremie, an early crypto adopter and host of the davincij15 YouTube channel, predicts that the Bitcoin price will grow by ten times in the next bull run but warns BTC could plunge further before then.

β€œI think we will finally see $100,000…I think we’ll do at least 10x from the bottom,” said Davinci at a November 25 interview with Kitco news. Asked by Kitco’s David Lin if his forecasts then meant that Bitcoin would have to drop to $10,000, he replied that β€œwe will probably see $12,000.”

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Facebook Invests $10 Billion Into a New Virtual Reality Platform

During a company call this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is investing $10 billion into a new virtual reality platform. Called Metaverse, the platform will be a social network, marketplace, and digital currency all in one. It will also allow millions of people to work and play together, regardless of time or location.

The platform is based on crypto technology, which allows users to securely own digital assets and move them across platforms. This will allow for the creation of unique tokens. It also allows for transparency of transactions on the blockchain.

Metaverse is expected to disrupt the digital economy. It will give users new avenues for interaction and will enable businesses to expand their markets. It is also expected to increase productivity.

It will allow millions of users to work together, collaborate, and create content. The social platform will be accessible through mobile devices, virtual reality headsets, and desktop computers.

The platform will also be accessible through virtual reality wristbands, game consoles, and headsets. It will allow customers to reimagine processes and products, and to experience SAP’s offerings.

In order to create a successful Metaverse, it will require incentivization. This means that users must create value and be rewarded for doing so. The metaverse will be driven by entrepreneurs, who will create content and provide services.

There are already several Metaverse companies that are operating in the virtual world. Some of the big names in the crypto space have also shared similar views.

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