DC Attorney General Sues Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy for Tax Evasion! $2M Bitcoin Prediction!

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Karl Racine, Attorney General for the District of Columbia in the United States, has announced that his office has sued business intelligence firm MicroStrategy and its Bitcoin bullish co-founder Michael Saylor for charges related to tax evasion.

However, there is no shaking Saylor’s confidence, who assured that there is no price target for the king crypto at which MicroStrategy will begin liquidating its BTC holdings. Even as the market-wide meltdown evaporated trillions of value, the leading Bitcoin maximalist and his company is patiently holding firm.

β€œThere’s no price target. I expect we’ll be buying bitcoin at the local top forever. And I expect Bitcoin is going to go into the millions. So we’re very patient. We think it’s the future of money.”

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The Metaverse Has Been Compared to Facebook

The Metaverse is a shared digital space that is similar to the real world. It is populated with virtual versions of everyday places and spaces as well as fantastic and whimsical ones. Currently, the Metaverse is still in its infancy, but its potential is already clear. It promises to provide a whole new level of entertainment.

Its roots can be traced to Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash. It enables users to connect and communicate using virtual reality and other technologies. It is similar to the digital worlds of movies like Avatar and Ready Player One. A virtual currency, cryptocurrency, is used in the Metaverse to facilitate transactions.

The Sandbox is one of the most popular decentralized Metaverses and allows users to build their own virtual worlds. Recently, Adidas bought land in The Sandbox and is building a metaverse called the Adi-verse. Adidas and other influential NFT brands have partnered with this project. The Sandbox website has daily updates, instructions, and demo games. You can sign up for a free account and start creating your own virtual worlds.

Incentives are key to creating a successful community-built Metaverse. To create this, blockchain technologies are providing the infrastructure. The Metaverse is a living online community, and the platform has been compared to Facebook. It allows users to communicate and interact with each other no matter where they are and what time it is. It is also possible to create virtual selves and have them stay on the network after events happen. With these advances, the Metaverse is becoming more sophisticated. It includes servers, digital currency, social media, language processing, and more.

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