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Crypto industry veteran and early Bitcoin OG Bobby Lee says that bad actors ignorant of regulation have to be expunged from the market.

In a new interview with Bloomberg Markets Asia on Yahoo Finance, Lee, co-founder of Hong Kong-based crypto exchange BTCC, reveals what price he expects Bitcoin (BTC) to bottom out at the end of the bear market.

β€œ[Bitcoin] has crashed down to below $16,000. Previously, I’ve said that it will probably go to $15,000. Given the magnitude of the FTX blow-up, it could go down to $13,000 or even touch $10,000. That’s going to be a very, very drastic crash. There has to be more bad news to come out.”

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The Metaverse – The Internet of the Future

Whether you’re familiar with the concept or not, it’s likely you have heard of the metaverse. It’s a virtual world that combines virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s often referred to as the internet of the future.

There are a number of people who believe the metaverse could be the most important technological breakthrough since the invention of the internet. A number of companies are working on the technology. These include video game companies, as well as some tech giants.

Some of the most popular metaverses include Decentraland, SecondLive, and Axie Infinity. These companies are working to build a platform that will change how people perceive the virtual world.

Metaverses can function as both a data center and a shared virtual world. They will allow users to create avatars and interact with others in the virtual environment.

Users will be able to play games, browse the web, and hang out. They will also be able to meet new people and have meetings in the metaverse.

The future of the metaverse is expected to be driven by augmented and virtual reality gadgets. It will allow people to create digital worlds, interact with others, and reimagine processes.

These gadgets are used in many industries to engage people and share information. However, they often lack security. In the future, the technology may include decentralized applications.

Metaverses are usually populated by NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). NFTs are a form of cryptography that allows virtual representations of legitimate ownership. NFTs are also used to distribute revenue earned by the platform.

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