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The Bitcoin bull market is likely to start earlier than expected due to anticipation of the BTC halving and favorable macroeconomic conditions, according to Mark Yusko, founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Yusko thinks the next crypto bull run or, as he calls it, “the crypto summer,” could kick off as soon as the second quarter of this year due to the combination of more dovish central bank policies and the anticipation of the Bitcoin halving.


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01:25 Market Watch
02:57 Bitcoin T.A.
05:15 YouTuber baits MMA fighter into secretly shilling fake NFTs
08:37 Sri Lanka against Bitcoin, rejects Draper’s anti-corruption pitch
12:16 Charlie Munger Hasn’t Taken the Time to Study Bitcoin
15:20 Bitcoin Could Scale Into Staggering $30T Market
17:50 ‘Crypto summer’ likely to start in Q2 2023 – $100K by Year’s End?
19:56 Live Q&A

Show Notes / News Resources:
✔ Bitcoin Technical Analysis: https://bit.ly/3l7wFa7
✔ YouTuber baits MMA fighter into secretly shilling fake NFTs: https://bit.ly/3JIeF0s
✔ Sri Lanka against Bitcoin, rejects Draper’s anti-corruption pitch: https://bit.ly/3wVfwmF
✔ Charlie Munger Hasn’t Taken the Time to Study Bitcoin: https://bit.ly/3YlvZMH
✔ Bitcoin Could Scale Into Staggering $30T Market: https://bit.ly/3X5kQ1i
✔ ‘Crypto summer’ likely to start in Q2 2023 – $100K by Year’s End?: https://bit.ly/3jucS4e

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What Is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse

A term first used by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, the metaverse is an online network of virtual worlds. A variety of aspects of the metaverse exist today, ranging from video games such as Minecraft and Fortnight to social media applications such as Facebook.

Metaverse Cryptogames

A number of popular metaverse cryptocurrency games use the Ethereum blockchain to create immersive, real-world experiences, such as Illuvium. The game has users capturing deity-like creatures called “Illuvials,” and then using these to battle other players’ Illuvials.


The world’s most popular metaverse cryptogame, Tamadoge, has been officially listed on the OKX exchange. The platform allows investors who preordered TAMA tokens to claim their tokens.


The most popular online gaming platform, IMVU, allows users to create their own avatars and rooms. Rooms are largely customisable and can include anything from furniture to clothes and music. The site is used by millions of 13-17 year olds.

Businesses are also experimenting with hosting meetings in the metaverse, allowing employees to attend remotely. They’re able to participate in real-time Zoom meetings that would otherwise be conducted in physical spaces or corporate real estate, as well as meet with clients and customers.

Metaverse Future

While the metaverse has many potential uses, it will need to be a lot of work before it becomes widely adopted. There are many challenges that need to be overcome, including establishing interoperability between different platforms, as well as privacy and security concerns.

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