CRYPTO NEWS: Latest Bitcoin News, Ethereum News, Trouble Punk News

CRYPTO NEWS: Latest Bitcoin News, Ethereum News, Trouble Punk News
⭕️ Trouble Punk:
⭕️ CBT: August 16th ~ August 30th (KST)
The era of boring P2E games has come to an end! Introducing the fighting game Trouble Punk.

They no more collapsed tokens because of the high inflation model. With their sustainable tokenomics model, you can enjoy a P2E game without worrying about the price of a token. No prior information is required; set up and start playing within 5 minutes!
Trouble Punk is a battle royale-style game where characters from different platforms appear and fight for points. Anyone can enjoy its fast speed and cute but exciting action. Items can make gameplay easier. Users can contribute NFT, Stablecoins, and $TROB.
30% of the $TROB purchase is added during the closed beta period, which runs from Aug. 16 through Aug. 30. CBT will open differently depending on users’ time zone.
30% more daily ranking rewards of $50,000 during CBT
Also, get $TROB tokens used in the actual open beta simply by participating consistently after pre-registering (at least $100 worth!)
Get an additional 10% of your friend’s participation reward by inviting a friend.
During the closed beta, there is a ranking reward of up to $50,000, depending on the number of participants.
You can get rating compensation even if it’s around 50% of the total.
You also have the opportunity to get up to $7,500 for 1st place.
But even if you don’t make the ranking, you can get token rewards just by participating. Depending on the level of participation, additional regional servers will be open on the pre-reservation application.
Join the closed beta testing of Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz, and check the link in the description for token rewards.
#Trouble_Punk #CyberGalz

The Future of Cryptocurrency and NFT Tokens

The future of the virtual world is fueled by entrepreneurs. These newcomers will be responsible for creating content, offering services, and doing other useful things in the metaverse. To monetize these services, they will have to build a system that allows users to trade and invest in non-fungible tokens. In this way, the new blockchain will serve as a digital account that users can use throughout the metaverse. To date, more than 2,000 projects are linked to the metaverse, from social networks to workspaces.

Facebook has already made a splash by renaming its social network Meta, and Instagram and WhatsApp have been given the same name. Facebook has also announced plans to build a digital space that will integrate AR and VR technologies. This new space will allow people to work, communicate, and relax. The idea behind the metaverse has many in Silicon Valley, and its future is only just beginning. Nevertheless, there is much uncertainty surrounding this new technology. In the meantime, however, there are a number of potential applications for the metaverse.

One game that is making waves in the metaverse is Axie Infinity. The game has more than a quarter of a million active daily players. Players can earn AXS tokens to buy virtual goods and properties. Metaverse crypto can also be invested to earn interest. And with the recent Zuckerberg announcement, many of the top gaming sites are already using metaverse crypto as their means of making money. In addition to being a valuable cryptocurrency, NFTs also have real value.

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