If you need a reminder of why we are here in the crypto space (aside from making money of course) listen to Lincoln Bain share some of the ethos of the movement. It’s a rebellion against the current system that works for the few.
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What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world that allows people to interact through avatars and virtual reality headsets. This enables free movement and communication, while also giving users the opportunity to own their own virtual property.

Several corporations are working on creating their own versions of the Metaverse. Facebook is currently leading the way. It rebranded itself as Meta Platforms, which has catapulted the concept into the mainstream.

Microsoft is also developing its own version of the Metaverse. It is called Mesh and will be used for education, business, and other applications. The company is currently collaborating with Activision, which produces video games like Call of Duty and Candy Crush. This deal will give Microsoft access to Activision’s 390 million monthly users and its existing game titles.

Gaming will be the heart of metaverse-powered virtual worlds. The gaming industry is a $180 billion worldwide market. This includes the traditional video games as well as the newer immersive gaming experiences like Mojang’s Minecraft.

Aside from gaming, there is also a potential to use the metaverse as a means of blockchain technology. The in-game tokens are designed for specific metaverse environments, and they are not necessarily for real world applications. These tokens are mainly used to purchase things, and can be traded for other currencies. They can also be passes to events and closed clubs.

Some corporations are trying to control the Metaverse, while others are allowing it to be driven by entrepreneurs. This will require incentivization.

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