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Facebook’s Metaverse Is Getting a Billionaire’s Makeover

The Metaverse is a virtual world hosted on Zoom. Several video game companies are involved in its development, including Nintendo, Microsoft, Epic Games, and others. The concept isn’t new, but it is gaining momentum. The concept is so exciting that even a billionaire has put money into it.

In addition to building a virtual world, Meta is developing a system of incentivized play. The idea is to incentivize users by giving them the opportunity to build, own, and control their own assets. It is a new type of social networking. Users will be able to make posts about themselves, which can be viewed by others.

Facebook is also looking to leverage its platform to help monetize non-fungible tokens. This would make it easier to sell digital objects that are limited in supply. The company already owns virtual reality headset maker Oculus. A recent report shows the company will make a major hiring push for its metaverse unit.

The company is also partnering with Microsoft to develop an immersive version of Windows, Office, and Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, the avatar system in Meta will be integrated into Microsoft Teams. This could signal further growth in the metaverse.

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