A closely followed crypto analyst known for accurately calling the crash of May 2021 is laying out a realistic price path for Bitcoin (BTC) to follow to new all-time highs.

The pseudonymous analyst known as Dave the Wave tells his 105,000 followers on Twitter that he foresees a potential scenario where the king cryptocurrency chops around for the next year or so before cracking the $70,000 level around the end of 2023.

Based on Dave the Wave’s chart, he believes BTC is capable of reaching a cycle peak near $200,000 around May or June of 2024 or about two years from now.

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Facebook and the Metaverse – The Next Big Thing?

While Facebook’s plans for Metaverse are exciting, the company has received criticism for their security, privacy and fake news policies. While Facebook has stated that they are committed to building the Metaverse responsibly, some in the crypto community remain skeptical. Some believe that Facebook’s involvement may actually hinder the development of the Metaverse. One cryptocurrency expert, Yat Siu, has said that Facebook is already a threat to the metaverse. So, how do these two companies get along?

First, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a vested interest in the Metaverse. In a recent company call, Zuckerberg called Facebook a “metaverse company,” rather than a social networking site. Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc., has invested heavily in virtual reality, and recently rebranded its company name to reflect this. It has since partnered with companies like Microsoft, NASCAR, and Walt Disney Company.

Some of the most popular blockchain-based apps for the Metaverse allow users to own a piece of virtual land and earn money through gameplay. SecondLive, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland are among the most popular metaverses in the market. The Ethereum blockchain powers these platforms, and Axies, which are the currency for the platform, are non-fungible. They can breed as many as seven times, and offspring can be sold on the gaming platform.

The development of the Metaverse may be the next big thing for Facebook and the company behind it. This new world would be linked to blockchain technology, and its concept would apply to the governance of the Metaverse. It would be possible to monetize the Metaverse by creating non-fungible tokens that represent ownership of hour sessions. The same tokens could also serve as passes to events or even other planets. But the question is, how do we create such a platform?

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