Congress IGNORING Retail Investors! #shorts #youtubeshorts #crypto @BitboyBits

There are plenty of entities representing business interest in crypto to congress. Who is out there representing retail interest- representing the people. Your friend BitBoy is!
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The Metaverse – The Next Big Thing in Digital Connectivity and Entertainment

A Metaverse is a virtual reality-based universe independent of the physical world. It is a world where people can socialize, engage in immersive experiences and participate in a digital economy.

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The Metaverse — the next big thing in digital connectivity and entertainment — is an emerging phenomenon that has many tech experts and investors buzzing. It will usher in an era of virtual connectivity, virtual reality (VR) experiences and e-commerce.

But how exactly will it work? What are the risks and opportunities?

Currently, the most widely used and most promising metaverses are built on blockchain platforms. They offer a starkly different experience from the traditional Internet, free of data ownership and decision-making hegemony.

Decentraland and Sandbox are category leaders, but there are other, less mature platforms. They are all built on the Ethereum blockchain.

These platforms provide users with an opportunity to earn as they play or trade in NFTs. Players can buy virtual real estate and other items, rent them out, or sell them for profit.

The platform also provides players with a way to create their own games. These games can be played in VR or on a traditional screen.

Early adopters are experimenting with using the Metaverse to represent virtual representations of real estate, including concert venues and shopping malls. It’s a speculative move, but one that could generate revenue from gamers or investors who want to make their money by investing in these properties.

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