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Something Scary Was Lurking Unbeknownst to Me: The Corona Virus

I couldn’t help but obsess over it. I had the feeling I was immersed in a science-fiction movie. I had read the short story “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier, a story that had always impressed me, a narrative set in the UK that was later made into a Hitchcock film. The short story seemed to teach a valuable message, but I never thought it would have been directly applicable to my life in 2020. The attack by birds in the movie could have been a representation of the Corona Virus that was creeping around the corner in 2020. Maybe I should’ve watched more TV shows about pandemics, I thought.

Five Global Changes COVID 19 May Bring About

As the deadly pathogen Covid-19 keeps spreading like a wildfire, it is likely to bring about some significant changes in the way we perceive things and lead our lives. Therefore, it is timely to reflect on the likely changes the dreadful pandemic will force upon the world.

My Experience Paying a Bill in an Italian Village During the Corona Virus / COVID-19 Crisis

Actions in movies are often astounding, such as when a middle-aged, leading lady performs significant feats that would be impossible in real life. One day during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, I felt like the mundane act of going out to get some money to pay a bill was a great feat.

COVID-19 Life in Italy During the Second Week of Lock-Down

Perhaps readers across the world wonder what it’s like to be in Italy now that the borders are practically closed, amidst the menace of COVID-19. This article aims to give them a glimpse of what life is like here. There is plenty of food that would have been shipped abroad if the virus hadn’t threatened trade, and people are enjoying intimate meals at home with their families while there are no longer any visits to bars for the popular evening aperitif. Children and famous artists alike record songs to be shared with the world on YouTube. Likewise, multitudinous Italians stand on their balconies, singing cheerful songs that are shown on TV, giving the world hope. Yet, the dreadful news comes in about those innocent people who passed away in cities like Bergamo due to the dreadful Corona Virus.

Black Death II?

One of the base assumptions today concerning the latest health and medical emergency, this Coronavirus, is that it is very relevant and reminiscent to the Black Death of the 12th and 13 century. During the early middle ages personal hygiene was almost non existent, sanitation, there was none, and the close proximity of people in villages and towns, like London, and Paris made the Black Death such a virulent and deadly plague. The similarity between Coronavirus and the Black Death is too uncanny not to ignore.

Let’s Kill the Hunger Before It Kills the Humanity

The humans; the so-called intelligent species on the earth has become the most foolish creature on the planet. Yeah, this is neither a funny statement nor a mindless verbal assertion. No creature dies of hunger, but when you look at the number of people die out of hunger every year; you are bound to question the legitimacy of the human intelligence.

Perception of Colour Is a Personal Intimate Experience

One thing that can and has been tested to person, though, is the psychological response that certain colours evoke. Colour is part of art whether in abundance, lacking, or displayed in a harmonious pairing. The mindful use of colour should be used to an artist’s advantage.

When Sabers Rattle

General of The Army General Douglas Mac Arthur has been right all along “War is the most malignant scourge of mankind.” This is something Trump doesn’t understand. This latest debacle of foreign policy and military action blunders just might have unleashed a torrent of violent reprisals against freedoms everywhere.

The Assam Movement 2.0!

Assam, a state of the North Eastern India, is up again with a mass movement against the provisions of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) which implies granting citizenship on religious grounds. Numerous petitions from students, advocates, intellectuals and others against CAA are pending the Supreme Court…

The Role of ManMohan Singh Ex-Indian PM in Suppressing the Truth

ManMohan Singh was prime minister of India for 10 years. It was a period marked by servility to Nehru Gandhi family. He refused to follow up leads on Bose whereabouts for fear of the Nehru -Gandhi family.

The Ideal Revolution Will Happen

It is no longer news that the cerebral fragment of the Nigerian middle-class has been furious about the prospect and requisite of a revolution in Nigeria, such that will alter our political condition. Several groups have joined such call, ranging from the human right activists, labour unions, opposition parties to students’ community. It is crystal clear that some of these have neglected a heart of sincerity in their call, as the political-economic interest of the common man is not put into thoughtfulness.

Republican Election Interference: Lessons in History Series 2

The impeachment of Donald Trump is comparable to Richard Nixon in that both were caught with “smoking guns” the second time they interfered in a presidential election. Looking at their impeachment experiences leads to three important historical lessons.

The Dawn of Armageddon

As the world is hurdling toward the final climax of mankind one has to wonder will anything survive. Will just a score of humans remain on a desolate planet, or will all living things be obliterated in a blink of an eye? Even though there is a real possibility that a large enough meteor could strike the planet and wipe out all life forms there is a much more possibility that mankind will cause the ultimate destruction on earth.

What in the World Happened to the “Fat Lady”?

In America they have a saying that “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”. It seems to me that the “fat lady”, has been singing out for quite some time and might even have sung herself hoarse, but nobody heard her or they were too busy following the false leads of what Donald Trump calls fake news to pay attention. Now I know that I have probably not been politically correct here in using the word “fat”, please forgive me, I am not up-to-date on this issue, but will defer to the…

Blow That Whistle!

Donald Trump was declared unfui for office before his election. He has run roughshod over the Constitution for over two years. Whistleblowers are finally coming forward despite the personal, professional. career and social obstacles they battle before their message breaks through. In particular now, they weather threats from the most powerful position in the world. Only an avalanche of brave warriors protected by the most upright legal counsel can stop the erosion of public trust..

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