Coinbase Highlights Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Potential Disruption of the $150B Payments Industry!

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Crypto exchange Coinbase says that the Bitcoin Lightning Network has the potential to disrupt the massive $150 billion payments industry.

Lightning Network is a layer-2 scaling solution built on top of Bitcoin that aims to enable instant and cost-effective transactions for BTC.

β€œHumble beginnings aside, the potential to turn crypto’s most valuable asset into a true medium of exchange has the power to bring greater financial inclusion to anyone with a smartphone. The ability to cost-effectively route fiat transactions over Lightning rails without users ever knowing they’re using Bitcoin can disrupt $150B+ a year industries.

What Visa/Mastercard is for fiat currencies, Lightning can be for Bitcoin. The combination of a universally accessible payment network atop the world’s first open-source protocol for money can help Bitcoin evolve into a true global reserve currency.”

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described the Metaverse as the next chapter of the Internet. The idea of a metaverse is extremely exciting because it opens new vistas of possibilities for users. In this virtual world, users are free to do whatever they want and can interact with other users in a variety of ways. In addition, metaverse users can create and sell virtual properties, as well as engage in activities and work together with other users. Metaverse users can even buy and sell non-fungible tokens that are not fungible.

The metaverse market will be worth $21.7 trillion by 2030, and will include various cryptocurrencies and mixed real estate technologies. This is a huge market, and will erase the existing barriers between the developing and developed worlds. The Metaverse will also eliminate the boundaries between developed and developing nations, which will lead to a massive onboarding of billions of users onto the blockchain. But the storyline is wildly unrealistic. Despite its hype, the Metaverse will not be able to keep up with the fast pace of technological innovation.

In the future, the digital universe will include the physical world, which will be decentralized and interactive. The entire ecosystem will be linked to digital assets and will have a fully functioning economy. Metaverses will also allow for the creation of digital forms of property and art, and will enable NFTs to control the pricing of digital content. The benefits of the Metaverse are enormous. But what makes it all so attractive? To begin with, it is already a wildly exciting new way to interact with others.

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