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ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood is outlining a bold Bitcoin prediction.

In a new CNBC interview, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood says that she firmly believes the top crypto asset (BTC) will soar by more than 2,000% within seven years.

β€œIn fact, we’re a little higher than [$500,000] in our base case for the year 2030. And in our bull case, much higher.”

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Creating Assets for the Metaverse

Metaverse is an online universe where people can socialize and play games using VR headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps and other technologies. The world of the Metaverse is expanding, incorporating new and existing aspects of online life such as shopping.

The Metaverse is built on six underlying technologies: blockchain, interactivity, game, artificial intelligence, network and the Internet of Things (IoT). While some experts see the Metaverse as just another facet of the Internet, others have looked at it as an entirely new form of technology.

Crypto and NFT: Creating Assets for the Metaverse

As people spend more time in the Metaverse, it’s going to be important to have ownership of all things in the world, from clothes to avatars to virtual real estate to tickets to events. This is where crypto and NFT come in, giving us the ability to create unique tokens that can be traded for anything in the Metaverse.

Game: It’s a good thing that gaming is getting a lot of attention lately, especially with the Metaverse. This is where we can expect to see a lot of the same kinds of games that are currently played in real life, only in a more immersive and 3D setting.

Facebook: The social media giant has a lot of experience with online spaces, from Instagram to WhatsApp and more. The company is hoping to leverage its massive user base to build a more immersive and interactive way for people to communicate in the Metaverse, but it has some serious challenges ahead.

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