The chief executive officer of blockchain technology company Blockstream, Adam Back, says that the leading crypto asset Bitcoin could see a 5x increase in price by the end of the year hitting $100K per BTC.

“Everyone has their pet macro-views. My guess: stock market + US election season, moral hazard kicks up, quantitative easing ramps up again, rates drop again, money printer goes into overdrive. So the interest rate overhang falls off, and BTC decorrelates somewhere along the way once DeFi (decentralized finance) flushed.

My permabull case for BTC/USD [is] $100,000 this year. Plus a US physical Bitcoin ETF chaser (GBTC upgrade + other) would create a nice whipsaw and probably trigger a big uncoupling and positive reflexivity into a blow off top next year.”

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The Metaverse and How it Might Affect the Development of Virtual Worlds

The concept of a metaverse is new, but it’s not completely clear what it is. Some think it is a social world in which players can interact with each other, while others see it as a more personal experience. Both have some of the same characteristics, though. In either case, it’s worth exploring the concept more thoroughly. The following are some of the key features of metaverses, along with how they might affect the development of virtual worlds.

It will be accessible through various devices, including game consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality glasses. In the near future, Metaverse will allow millions of people to interact and work in one space, with the help of their computers and other equipment. Companies like Roblox and Epic Games are already experimenting with metaworlds and are planning to launch their own virtual worlds. Some of them have already started their own meta-events and have been making waves, such as the virtual concert Roblox recently hosted.

In order to create the metaverse, entrepreneurs will be the driving force. These entrepreneurs will build businesses providing services, creating content, and doing useful things for the metaverse. To ensure the success of their endeavors, the entrepreneurs must monetize their services in an efficient way. For instance, non-fungible tokens can be issued as ownership of an hour session, as online cinemas do for a movie. Tokens could also be used as passes for events or visits to another planet.

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