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โ€œOn Bitcoin of course Iโ€™m bullish exactly because of the halving and the way that the price has been moving in relation to that 4 year period. Thereโ€™s very interesting analytics ongoing about how high the next move can go. But I am definitely sure that weโ€™re going to see another movement at some point where we surpass the current one by another layer of magnitudeโ€, says Guillermo Germade, Chief Data Scientist at Manufactory.

ManuFactory is a cross-chain construction and management simulation game focused on resource gathering and strategy combined with survival elements; all developed in a truly Play and Earn mentality inspired by the hit indie game Factorio.

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Facebook and the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual world built on the blockchain technology that makes it possible to trade anything you own with other people. Non-fungible tokens are one of the pillars of the metaverse. The blockchain technology powers these tokens, and they are an extremely secure type of digital asset. A non-fungible token can represent anything, from an artwork to a song, to digital real estate that carries a deed that a person can purchase or sell. Some companies have partnered with the Metaverse to create their own virtual world called Nikeland, where Nike fans can play games and dress their avatars in apparel from the brand.

As the internet continues to evolve, the idea of a virtual world is catching on. Early visions of the metaverse included a virtual playground where users could play games such as Epic’s Fortnite or Netflix movies. The virtual world would be more democratized and fluid than today’s internet. It would be a place where people could live, work, and play without ever leaving their homes. But a few decades from now, this futuristic concept may still be too far-fetched to be real.

The development of the metaverse has been on the minds of tech industry players for a few years. In Stephenson’s Snow Crash, virtual reality was just beginning to take its first tentative steps. In fact, today, standalone wireless devices like Quest and Oculus allow users to participate in similar activities. Even if the metaverse doesn’t happen, Facebook is betting on the idea and has invested billions of dollars in the project.

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