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A widely followed crypto analyst says that Bitcoin could follow in the historical footsteps of gold and spark a massive 6-figure rally but notes that the king cryptocurrency (BTC) has further to fall first.

β€œWe could start to see an asset trade very similar to gold. I’m going to make the case today about how Bitcoin could very well be that asset, especially after going through a steady decline of 75% or so far, and will likely go through a decline of around 80 to 85% at bare minimum…

After that, we can have really green pastures for Bitcoin, starting [to] charter into that six-digit territory that many people have talked about since the previous bull market, towards $100,000, $200,000, you name it, as people start to lose faith in the base currency, the dollar being the world reserve currency.”

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The Metaverse – Facebook’s Virtual Extension of the Real World

The Metaverse is the next chapter in the evolution of the internet, and it has the potential to change the way we work, play, and socialize. Founded by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse will give users a virtual world to explore and participate in. It will provide a space where users can meet new people, shop, and share ideas. The virtual world will be a virtual extension of the real world.

In the Metaverse, users create an avatar and inhabit a virtual world. They can communicate and work freely, and can also own and sell virtual property. Metaverse users can exchange these properties with other users using non-fungible tokens. Because the Metaverse is not limited to gamers, it can benefit everyone. Businesses and corporations can use it to improve their operations, as well as provide employees with a virtual environment in which to collaborate and create.

Facebook is a company that has faced many criticisms over the past years, including concerns about security and privacy. It has also faced controversy over fake news and hate speech. However, it has recently promised to build the metaverse responsibly and work with external firms. Despite these assurances, some members of the crypto community still question whether Facebook can make good on its promises. Some have even called Facebook a threat to the metaverse.

Several corporations have announced plans to explore the metaverse. Microsoft, NVIDIA, Epic Games, and Zoom are among those interested in the technology. In addition, popular brands have entered the game. Gucci has collaborated with the online gaming platform Roblox and sold digital accessories based on NFTs. Coca-Cola has also sold virtual tokens for use in the metaverse.

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