“Bitcoin to $1.48 Million Dollars At THIS Date” Cathie Wood 2023 BTC Prediction!

Crypto bull Cathie Wood of Ark Invest — known for her previously controversial $1 million Bitcoin price target – has just ratcheted up her BTC price prediction. She now thinks Bitcoin could skyrocket to $1.48 million per coin by 2030. Given that Bitcoin has a fixed coin supply of 21 million BTC, a target price of $1.48 million implies a total market capitalization of $31 trillion.


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The Metaverse – A Virtual World of Limitless Opportunities

The Metaverse — a virtual world of limitless opportunities — will negate physical distances, envelop users in deep immersive experiences and enable new ways to communicate and collaborate. It will also reshape consumer behavior, industrial production and generate novel business opportunities through virtual economies and currencies.

While many technologies make up the Metaverse, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are expected to play a big role. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a secure type of digital asset that can be used to buy and sell virtual items such as art, music or real estate in the Metaverse. One popular example is Decentraland, which allows users to purchase land in a virtual world using its native cryptocurrency.

Another NFT game is Axie Infinity, which combines the thrill of collecting cards with a social gaming experience. Nike, meanwhile, has partnered with Roblox on its Nikeland virtual world, where fans can connect and build their own avatars in the shoes they love to wear.

Although many hypesters have rushed to cash in on the Metaverse, not all of them will succeed. It’s important to understand the reality behind the hype and take practical, affordable steps to prepare your organization for this new frontier. Marty Resnick is VP Analyst at Gartner, focusing on the futuristic disruptions that impact enterprise mission-critical priorities. He provides analysis and research on emerging and disruptive technologies through trendspotting and tech radars. He has a passion for technology and enjoys educating others about the latest innovations.

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