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According to the crypto host of InvestAnswers, Bitcoin could hit up to $26,000 over the next four weeks based on the average return for October.

β€œIf Bitcoin can hold in and around its level, it’ll be better than previously…

Looking forward to October, the average return for October is 28.42%, which would take the Bitcoin price up to about $25,000 – $26,000. So, we’ll see if it goes there. Twenty-five thousand dollars is where we were not too long ago, and we could easily get back to that level.”

In other trending Crypto news today:

XRP jumps 20% in a matter of hours amid SEC’s latest setback in Ripple lawsuit while the Simpsons predict XRP price to skyrocket to $589 EOY.

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Facebook and the Metaverse – The Next Chapter of the Internet

The metaverse is the next chapter of the internet. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, it will give users the opportunity to do anything they want to. People can gather in communities, go shopping, do business, and learn about new ideas. The metaverse puts the entire physical world at your fingertips, as well as your mind.

In a metaverse, users can own virtual land and earn money for it. Several popular metaverses exist, including Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and SecondLive. In Axie Infinity, for example, users can own a portion of a virtual country by staking AXS tokens. The game allows users to create and own virtual kingdoms and search for rare resources. The most active players earn rewards through the metaverse blockchain.

As a metaverse is still in its early stages, the privacy and security of its users will be a major concern. As with any digital environment, cybercrime is inevitable. However, developers must be vigilant in maintaining security for users. Some users have already reported incidents of sexual assault in metaverses. Cyber civil rights agencies and organizations should monitor this space.

Facebook’s massive investment in the Metaverse may be a cause for concern among Facebook investors. The social network giant’s recent $10 billion investment may lead to increased competition in the virtual worlds industry.

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